Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship Announcement

I am very stoked to announce that I have been selected to take part in the Wheeler Centre's Hot Desk Fellowship for 2018. It's an incredible opportunity that provides writers of all experience levels a dedicated space and time to explore a new work in a supportive environment.

I have applied with a new work that is for the moment entitled 'Icebreaker'. This piece is the culmination of quite a few messy attempts at trying to solve the issue of Climate Change in my own mind - easy right? I realised after a particularly dark period that perhaps what we need most right now isn't a solution or a rational understanding of the problem. Maybe what we need is for it to hit home emotionally. For it to hurt, and for that to be okay, to sit with the pain and discomfort. Sometimes in the face of tragedy, the most hopeful thing we can do is witness it. In being present and acknowledging the problem is not only the full understanding of the response required, but also the palliative spirit to prepare for the consequences that are already out of our control. This piece is in that spirit. It's about communion and meditation and beauty and grief. 

My slot with the Wheeler Centre won't be until July, but more updates are to come.