You’re untethered. Drifting through nothingness. No communication. No rescue. You’re completely alone. Mostly. Worst of all, nothing makes sense: there are jellyfish in your blood, black holes are giving birth, and the list is growing ad infinitum. 

Devised and performed by Christian Taylor, How Can You Sleep At Night? draws upon his experiences of insomnia to create a collision of hallucination, memory and crisis (of the existential variety). It bravely embarks on a sprawling and surreal list that attempts to comprehend an incomprehensible future. But let’s face it. How brave can you be when you only know two things for certain? 

1. Everything will end. 
2. You know nothing for certain.

Good luck falling asleep.


Creator and Performer - Christian Taylor
Dramaturg - Olivia Satchell
Lighting Designer - Jason Crick
Sound Designer - Olivia Joppich
Producer - Rowena Taylor
PR Consultant - Dean Worthington
Production Image - Sean Dowling




"If there were an award for best non-human performance in a Fringe show, it would go to the jellyfish"
"Incredibly engaging story-telling"
"Taylor is charmingly honest and vulnerable on stage"
- Theatre Press


"...much of Taylor’s surreal, shifting dreamscape is realised through the power of his own thoughtfully gestural performance"
"Taylor has the stunning power to win your heart and then break it all in the same breath"
- Aussie Theatre