It has been said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And it’s true. We can control our realities with a single click. But the tricks and flourishes are all just misdirection.
This is a warning. You are your data, nothing else. And your data is not yours. Blink and you’ll miss it.
In a world obsessed with knowing everything and everyone, #howtodisappear examines our decaying relationship with our own personhood, and our ability to distinguish reality from illusion.

#howtodisappear was a part of a festival of new work (FR!SK) curated by the Victorian College of the Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice) degree in 2014. #howtodisappear enjoyed successful seasons during Melbourne Fringe 2014 and on regional tour at the Benalla Performing Arts Centre in October 2014.


Creators and Performers - Christian Taylor and Patrick Considine
Lighting Design - Steve Hendy
Set and Costume Design - Robyn Macpherson
Sound Design - Olivia Joppich



"Patrick Considine and Christian Taylor, charm with their banter and interactions with us."

"There was much discussion with my friend as to how their magic could have been done afterwards." 
- Theatre Press