After all of our resilience, struggle, and our unshakeable faith, tonight’s ceremony is that last trial to overcome before… before what? Piece together the mysteries of the ‘Aquara,’ in this spectacularly kitschy world of play and mysticism.

Audiences for 'In the Dark' were immersed in a eerily pleasant evening of games, self-help mantras, immersive sensory experiences and promises of renewed life, should they be lucky enough to find the secrets beneath the deceivingly calm surface of the Aquara.

In The Dark was first performed as part of Metanoia Theatre's 2015 Season.


Cast - Christian Taylor, Sonja Bishopp, Ruby Hughes, Patrick Considine
Writer - Georgia Symons
Director - Iris Gaillard
Lighting Design - Jess Keefe



" memorable foray into a cult's murky waters"
"oddball fun is ample"
"their leader 'Beta', played by Christian Taylor, is thoroughly unnerving"
- Sydney Morning Herald

"confronting, engaging and perplexing"
"Gaillard and Symons have orchestrated the audience members to find our voices, and everyone starts talking about how they feel with a brazen lack of fear"
- Red Magpie