surprise party with jem and dead max - La Mama Courthouse, 2017

"Surprise Party is a story that develops gradually and eventuates to grow beyond the confines of the play. It’s subtle yet jarring, intricate yet direct- viewing that stays with you for some time after." 
- RMIT Catalyst

the cactus and the mime - Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2017

WINNER: WA Tour Ready Award - Melbourne Fringe 2017

"With a well-developed script, gorgeous character-led costumes and design, and performances that take us beneath their prickly exteriors and the black and white of silence, Cactus and The Mime is super-smart, super-funny and full of unexpected feels." 
- The Age

Beneath the jokes and smiles, hearts are broken and lives are irrevocably damaged in this original and captivating show by Favretto and Spears that dares to take risks and reaps all the awards because of it.”
"Christian Taylor is credited as dramaturg for this production and after his win for best emerging writer at last year's Melbourne Fringe Festival for his show 
How Can You Sleep At Night?, you can see how Cactus and the Mime retains its heart." 
- Myron My

shrine - fortyfivedownstairs, 2017

"Taylor is simply beautiful as the vibrant and kindly Jack."
- Australian Book Review

"Taylor is perfectly cast as the golden boy cut down in his prime, and the delight and vitality he brings to the moments of reliving his life give the facts of his death the necessary gravitas."
- Arts Hub

"As Jack, Christian Taylor hovers in the periphery, ghost–like for the first half of the show. Once his story becomes central to the piece, we understand through Taylor’s subtle choices, how this sheltered, almost naïve young man is swayed and influenced by peer pressure."
- Theatre People

"Taylor is wonderfully natural as the likeable and charismatic Jack; the boy who had his whole life ahead of him."
- The Music 

how can you sleep at night - Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2016

WINNER: Best Emerging Writer - Melbourne Fringe 2016

"If there were an award for best non-human performance in a Fringe show, it would go to the jellyfish."
"...incredibly engaging story-telling".
"Taylor is charmingly honest and vulnerable on stage."

- Theatre Press

"...much of Taylor’s surreal, shifting dreamscape is realised through the power of his own thoughtfully gestural performance."
"Taylor has the stunning power to win your heart and then break it all in the same breath."

- Aussie Theatre

in the dark - Brunswick Mechanics' Institute, 2015

"...memorable foray into a cult's murky waters."
"...oddball fun is ample."
"...their leader 'Beta', played by Christian Taylor, is thoroughly unnerving."

- Sydney Morning Herald

"...confronting, engaging and perplexing."
"...the performers have orchestrated the audience members to find our voices, and everyone starts talking about how they feel with a brazen lack of fear."

- Red Magpie

#howtodisappear - Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2014

"Patrick Considine and Christian Taylor, charm with their banter and interactions with us."
"There was much discussion with my friend as to how their tricks could have been done afterwards. Thoroughly impressive." 
- Theatre Press