Meet Jem and Max. Best mates from way back, fresh out of uni and reconnecting after two years apart – until Max dies in a car crash. But why should death get in the way of a good party? As wine is poured and pasta cooked, Jem and Dead Max swap in-jokes, high school crushes, and stories of the nights that never seemed to end. But there’s one night that they never had a chance to talk about. As the party unfolds, blurry memories get pulled into uncomfortable focus. How do you find closure on something you need to believe never happened?


Cast - Anna Kennedy and Christian Taylor
Director - Iris Gaillard
Writer - Georgia Symons
Producer - Fiona Dunne
Lighting Designer - Shane Grant
Sound Designer - Joshua Trappett
Production Designer - Daniel Moulds
Image by Connor Tomas O’Brien


"Surprise Party is a story that develops gradually and eventuates to grow beyond the confines of the play. It’s subtle yet jarring, intricate yet direct- viewing that stays with you for some time after." 
- RMIT Catalyst

Surprise Party with Jem and Dead Max was developed with the generous support of The Kiln at Arts Centre Melbourne