The Bells was first devised and performed by the iconic public space performance troupe known as 5 Angry Men. They were renowned for their feats of physical spectacle, and commentary on contemporary culture and the manipulation of universally recognisable symbols. The Bells was by far their most renowned work; five coated figures, flying through the air on ropes, like bell ringers of some bygone era. The Bells performance moves through series of images and composed musical pieces exploring the human capacity to hold a paradox - friendship, co-operation and camaraderie, the violent struggle for power, status and aggressive competition, work and duty, suffering and joy, death and celebration, absurdity and hope, and the role of the individual in a group facing a task. 

In 2016 the process began of reawakening The Bells from their home at the Theatre Research Insitute in Williamstown, Australia, for a new audience and new generation of performers. Under the guidance of one of the original 5 Angry Men, Tomek Koman, all the original equipment and costumes were reinvigorated.

Having begun it's return to touring with a performance at Seaworks in Williamstown in January 2017, The Bells has secured many more exciting performance opportunities for late 2017 - watch this space for more info to come!


Ensemble - Christian Taylor, Danny Carrol, Ashton Sly, Hamish Irvine, Rodrigo Calderon, Steven Phillips
Director - Steven Phillips & Tomek Koman
Producer - Steven Phillips & Dagmara Gieysztor
Creator - Five Angry Men