+ icebreaker (in development)

“Orcas carry their fucking stillborn around for days. No one ever did that for me.”

Icebreaker follows the collision of two strangers - a raging mother and a reclusive teenager - on-board an Antarctic icebreaker bound for the last glacier in existence.

Neither are sure what to do with their grief in this new and nonsensical world of last-chance tourism and unflinching optimism. The ice is making it very clear they shouldn't be here. But what are you supposed to do when all you've inherited is whale song and a boiling ocean?

Icebreaker is a play about hope in a dangerously uncertain future.

writer - Christian Taylor
director - Julian Dibley-Hall
sound designer - Tom Backhaus
production designer - Anastassia Poppenburg
lighting designer - Jason Crick
cast - Cariad Wallace

Icebreaker is being developed with the assistance of Small and Loud (Arts Centre Melbourne) and The Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship 2018.


+ surprise party with jem and dead max (2017)

La Mama Courthouse

Meet Jem and Max. Best mates from way back, fresh out of uni and reconnecting after two years apart – until Max dies in a car crash. But why should death get in the way of a good party? As wine is poured and pasta cooked, Jem and Dead Max swap in-jokes, high school crushes, and stories of the nights that never seemed to end. But there’s one night that they never had a chance to talk about. As the party unfolds, blurry memories get pulled into uncomfortable focus. How do you find closure on something you need to believe never happened?

cast - Anna Kennedy and Christian Taylor
director - Iris Gaillard
writer - Georgia Symons
producer - Fiona Dunne
lighting designer - Shane Grant
sound designer - Joshua Trappett
production designer - Daniel Moulds

+ the cactus and the mime (2017)

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017
Perth Fringe Festival 2018
WINNER: WA Tour Ready Award - Melbourne Fringe 2017

Two children's entertainers re-enact their romance in a dramedy bursting with horny unicorns, phallic mascots, talent show grudges, virginal puppets, mystery gifts and use of the word 'metamorphosis'.

Watch in wonder and alarm as Trevor and Amanda fight a ticking clock, the doubting of dreams and the limits of a G rated world.

writers and performers - caitlin spears & roby favretto
dramaturg - Christian Taylor

+ fall where they may (2017-ongoing)

Noah has done something stupid. He’s locked the lab door. The cameras are about to go live. Things are about to get real messy. While he knows a lot about quantum mechanics, he knows nothing about hostage situations. But he had no choice. Right?

Dr Julia Graves isn’t having the best day either. Her credibility as a scientist is in doubt, and she’s losing Twitter followers in droves.

Because four-thousand two-hundred kilometres away, a six-trillion tonne Antarctic ice shelf is about to collapse into the ocean.

Fall Where They May, is a semi-immersive, explosive new theatrical work by emerging cli-fi playwright Christian Taylor, that pits violence against activism, nature against progress, and rage against hope. Combining science, visual spectacle, spoken word, and politically charged drama, this play examines the fragile nature of hope and agency in a uncertain point in history.

Everything will be okay. Won’t it?

director - Samuel Russo
writer - Christian Taylor

After residencies with Emerging Writers' Festival and Small and Loud (Arts Centre Melbourne), Fall Where They May is currently still in re-development phase, with plans for a 2020 production.

+ tipping points: 24 hour play generator (2017)

Emerging Writers' Festival 2017

24 hours. Five writers. Four actors. One director. Their brief: envision a future earth where imminent and inevitable ecological collapse is inseparable from our most intimate and mundane human encounters. Witness the raw culmination of a rapid response performance process, where a show is written, rehearsed and performed all within a day. Stick around post-show for a Q&A with the creative team and for a chance to offer feedback to the writers.

director - Olivia Satchell
writers - Angus Cameron, Kim Ho, Tariro Mavondo, Jean Tong, Maurial Spearim
cast - John Desengano, Anna Kennedy, Ian Michael, Yvette Turner
curator and producer - Christian Taylor

+ the bells (2017-2018)

The Bells was first devised and performed by the iconic public space performance troupe known as 5 Angry Men. They were renowned for their feats of physical spectacle, and commentary on contemporary culture and the manipulation of universally recognisable symbols. The Bells was by far their most renowned work; five coated figures, flying through the air on ropes, like bell ringers of some bygone era. The Bells performance moves through series of images and composed musical pieces exploring the human capacity to hold a paradox - friendship, co-operation and camaraderie, the violent struggle for power, status and aggressive competition, work and duty, suffering and joy, death and celebration, absurdity and hope, and the role of the individual in a group facing a task.

In 2016 the process began of reawakening The Bells from their home at the Theatre Research Insitute in Williamstown, Australia, for a new audience and new generation of performers. Under the guidance of one of the original 5 Angry Men, Tomek Koman, all the original equipment and costumes were reinvigorated.

Having begun it's return to touring with a performance at Seaworks in Williamstown in January 2017, The Bells has continued to astound audiences at Salon Pretentious 2017 and White Night Melbourne and Ballarat 2018 and will next be seen at WOMAD 2019

ensemble - Christian Taylor, Danny Carrol, Ashton Sly, Hamish Irvine, Rodrigo Calderon, Julian Dibley-Hall, Steven Phillips
director - Steven Phillips & Tomek Koman
producer - Steven Phillips
creator - Five Angry Men

+ shrine (2017)


From the multi award-winning writer of Cloudstreet comes an otherworldly theatrical event that shines a light on the tangled bonds of one Australian family. Following the resounding success of Glimpse and The Leenane Trilogy, The Kin Collective joins forces with fortyfivedownstairs and director Marcel Dorney to present the Melbourne premiere of Tim Winton’s searing drama, Shrine. The deeply personal connection readers have with Australia’s sharpest storyteller is brought to life by a stellar cast that includes Michala Banas (Upper Middle Bogan, McLeod’s Daughters), Ally Fowler (Wentworth, Neighbours) and Christopher Bunworth (Boy Out of the Country).

cast - Tenielle Thompson, Ally Fowler, Christopher Bunworth, Nick Clark, Keith Brockett, Christian Taylor
director - Marcel Dorney
producers - Marg Downey & Michala Banas
writer - Tim Winton
lighting designer - Kris Chainey
set designer - Leon Salome

+ how can you sleep at night (2016)

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016
WINNER: Best Emerging Writer - Melbourne Fringe 2016

You’re untethered. Drifting through nothingness. No communication. No rescue. You’re completely alone. Mostly. Worst of all, nothing makes sense: there are jellyfish in your blood, black holes are giving birth, and the list is growing ad infinitum.
Devised and performed by Christian Taylor, How Can You Sleep At Night? draws upon his experiences of insomnia to create a collision of hallucination, memory and crisis (of the existential variety). It bravely embarks on a sprawling and surreal list that attempts to comprehend an incomprehensible future. But let’s face it. How brave can you be when you only know two things for certain?

1. Everything will end.
2. You know nothing for certain.

Good luck falling asleep.

writer and performer - Christian Taylor
dramaturg - Olivia Satchell
lighting designer - Jason Crick
sound designer - Olivia Joppich
producer - Rowena Taylor
pr consultant - Dean Worthington
production image - Sean Dowling

+ in the dark (2015)

Brunswick Mechanics Institute

After all of our resilience, struggle, and our unshakeable faith, tonight’s ceremony is that last trial to overcome before… before what? Piece together the mysteries of the ‘Aquara,’ in this spectacularly kitschy world of play and mysticism.

Audiences for 'In the Dark' were immersed in a eerily pleasant evening of games, self-help mantras, immersive sensory experiences and promises of renewed life, should they be lucky enough to find the secrets beneath the deceivingly calm surface of the Aquara.

In The Dark was first performed as part of Metanoia Theatre's 2015 Season.

cast - Christian Taylor, Sonja Bishopp, Ruby Hughes, Patrick Considine
writer - Georgia Symons
director - Iris Gaillard
lighting designer - Jess Keefe

+ #howtodisappear (2014)

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2014

It has been said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And it’s true. We can control our realities with a single click. But the tricks and flourishes are all just misdirection.

This is a warning. You are your data, nothing else. And your data is not yours. Blink and you’ll miss it. In a world obsessed with knowing everything and everyone, #howtodisappear examines our decaying relationship with our own personhood, and our ability to distinguish reality from illusion.

#howtodisappear was a part of a festival of new work (FR!SK) curated by the Victorian College of the Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre Practice) degree in 2014. #howtodisappear enjoyed successful seasons during Melbourne Fringe 2014 and on regional tour at the Benalla Performing Arts Centre in October 2014.

writers and performers - Christian Taylor, Patrick Considine
lighting designer - Steve Hendy
production designer - Robyn Macpherson
sound designer - Olivia Joppich